Porn for Women and Female Friendly Porn Sites

Porn for women is now primarily available through websites rather than DVDs. The page lists the major sites that cater primarily to women along with other premium sites that offer female-friendly content or content that acknowledges women as an audience.

These sites charge for access to their content. In a world of ubiquitous but awful free porn, it's worth remembering that paying for good porn is an endorsement and provides the funds to make MORE good porn. Paying for porn is a feminist act.

Thus, here are my recommendations.

Bright Desire
OK, here's a bit of shameless self-promotion. Bright Desire is my new site, launched in 2012. It's where you'll find all of my erotic short films and scenes in streaming and downloadable forms. The site features real-life couples making love, laughing and sharing pleasure as well as artistic solo scenes of both men and women, accompanied by a sexy voiceover. Bright Desire also has sexy photography, erotic fiction, reviews, columns and a huge archive of extra porn. The site is feminist, sex positive and progressive in its outlook. It's for women AND men and the focus is mainly heterosexual but not exclusively so. Bright Desire is smart porn for smart people, offering a new, joyful way to enjoy porn without all the negativity. BD is growing all the time and I'm working on filming new scenes constantly. "Bright Desire is a refreshing entry into our porn galaxy.” – Violet Blue

Pure Cunnilingus has heaps of movies and galleries of men going down! These are some of the rarest photos in porn. Plus there's heaps of great reading. How do you like to be licked?

Lust Cinema - Award-winning European feminist porn director Erika Lust makes incredible, artistic films for straight women. She's now made them available online and then added a bunch of other top quality movies from other directors including Tristan Taormino and Maria Beatty. Includes lots of extras including photos and behind-the-scenes footage.

Frolic Me - Beautifully shot couples porn and solo videos, very glamour-style. Also includes photos, erotic fiction and columns. is a relatively softcore women's erotica site that takes an intelligent approach to porn. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics. They also hold regular competitions where they ask members to submit a fantasy and then they film the best one. But the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Quality writing is the hallmark of Sssh, which employs a team of special writers.

Pink Label TV - If you want to watch individual films then Pink Label TV is the way to go. Lesbian auteur Shine Louise Houston created this video-on-demand site to showcase quality feminist porn films, both queer and straight. You can see my film "The Thought Of Her" there along with works by Petra Joy, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Courtney Trouble and Shine herself.

The Crash Pad Series - Another site from Shine. Forget the big hair and fake nails. This is authentic lesbian and queer content! These hotties get it on in every way imaginable and they're all sexy, be they femmes, butches or bois.

Lustery - Real life couples getting it on and filming themselves. That's the idea behind this classy European site run by feminist porn director Paulita Pappel.

TrenchcoatX - This indie porn site run by two performers seeks to redefine "mainstream porn" with its focus on female pleasure and lack of official categories. If you like hardcore sex, you'll love this site.

Gentleman Handling - Run by two Australian women, this site celebrates the male body in realistic ways. It features cute guys getting off solo or with other guys, shot artistically in their own surroundings.

Pornographic Love - A real-life couple capture themselves having sex with each other and guests. The style is glamourous and the mindset is very feminist.

Kink: The Upper Floor
Like one big ongoing BDSM fantasy, The Upper Floor is a 24 hour sex dungeon, conducted at the Armory in San Francisco. Complete with live shows, you can watch submissive women do the bidding of their masters. Lots of hardcore BDSM and orgy scenes with a distinct lush fantasy feel.

Pure CFNM is a great clothed-female-naked-male site that's all about ogling and sometimes humiliating guys. All their content is exclusive and I like how they really know their topic.

SG4GE stands for Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. It features good looking straight men having sex with women - but the site is aimed at gay men. Of course, there's no reason why we women can't enjoy it as well.

Kink: Fucking Machines turns me on. It's aimed at men, but I know women will love it. The tone is respectful, and it's pure fantasy material. Ever dreamed of being fucked by a machine whose only design is to make you come? If you have, you have to check out the free sample pics.

Pandora Blake Dreams Of Spanking
A fair trade porn site run by friend Pandora and her partner. As the title implies, there's a lot of English-style spanking on this site and some BDSM. It's completely female friendly and features both straight and queer content.

Glamour Sites

X-Art is a European site that really amps up the "artistic" levels and shoots with great lighting and full HD movies. It focuses on nude female models but also features some very steamy hardcore scenes.

Another art-porn site from France, this one has a cheerful vibe, lots of beautiful and realistic models and occasional hardcore straight sex.