About This Site

Hi. I'm Ms Naughty, also known as Louise Lush. I run this site.

Porn for Women Network first went online in late 2001. Since then it has been a guide to the many and varied porn options available to women online. It now features a list of both free and premium adult sites that cater to straight and queer women, plus free galleries and movies.

When I first started this site there was a blossoming of new adult sites for straight women, most offering only photos. Some featured naked men, some had hardcore straight sex, some had both. I set out to list the best ones here, along with the numerous free sample galleries and sites that offered glimpses of their content. The number of premium sites for women has dwindled since then while free porn has proliferated (and damaged the industry).

In 2003 I jointly started the paysite For The Girls and I'm still proudly running it. You'll find ads for FTG all over Porn for Women and I do hope you join :) At the same time, I've also happily promoted the adult sites of others because I know that FTG is not to everyone's taste. And the more porn there is for women, the better!

My original assumptions about what women want from porn have grown over the years. I originally offered only straight content and it was closely tuned to what I personally enjoyed. I still make porn that I myself like but I've come to realise that women are incredibly diverse in their tastes, desires, fantasies, sexualities and genders. While this site mainly caters to cisgender straight women, it does include others.

There are a lot of older links still listed on this site. I've left them there due to the interconnected nature of my large network of sites.

I hope you enjoy this site.

If you want to contact me or make a suggestion for a link, please email:
msnaughty AT msnaughty DOT com

About the Design

Yes, it's kind of pink. In theory, it's very stereotypical to use pink/magenta on a website for women. But you know what? I have a shitload of other sites that are purple and non-pink out there. I just liked this design so I went with it.