Queer Porn; Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans Erotica

The Crash Pad Series
Forget the big hair and fake nails. This is authentic lesbian content! These dykes, queers and trans people get it on in every way imaginable and they're all sexy, be they femmes, butches or bois. Top stuff and good to see what real lesbians and queers really do in bed.

Pink Label TV
If you want to watch individual queer films then Pink Label TV is the way to go. Lesbian auteur Shine Louise Houston created this video-on-demand site to showcase quality feminist porn films, including queer, trans, bi and straight.

UK Naked Men
I knew this site was different when I saw one of their videos was entitled "The Wedding Party." All the guys here are very hot, they're all over 21 and they're usually uncut. It has a mix of softcore and hardcore gay content.

Heavenly Spire
Celebrating the male body beyond the usual gendered norms. Heavenly Spire is something of a queer site that specialises in "masculine appreciation". It features both cisgender and transgender men.

The Woman's POV
Point-of-view style lesbian and queer porn from alt BDSM star Madison Young

Three Pillows
The original bisexual male-male-female site on the net run by bisexuals. Every girl dreams of a hot threesome with two men and this site is a goldmine for sexy MMF videos and photos.

Indie Porn Revolution aka NoFauxxx
Created by Courtney Trouble ten years ago, NoFauxxx is about presenting sexuality without labels or boundaries. It's the original queer porn site and features all varieties of sex: straight, gay, lesbian, queer, trans, kink, vanilla... the whole spectrum is there. You might also want to check out Courtney's other site Queer Porn TV.

Bentley Race
Not your average gay site, this features hot Australian men in solo and partnered sex. Online since 1999 and brimming with cheerful humour and hot guys.

Perversions of Lesbian Lust
An unusual site with storylines inspired by pulp fiction-style novels. Aside from the photos and videos there's lesbian queer erotica, videos of naked girls reading erotic bed time stories, audio mp3s of lesbian erotica readings, podcasts, and live shows.

Foxy Angel
Run by a webmaster friend of mine, Foxy Angel is a gorgeous transsexual woman whose adventures are captured on this site.

Maria Beatty's Bleu Productions
Maria was a pioneer of queer BDSM porn. This site features scenes from her many hardcore lesbian films including her latest releases.

Good Dyke Porn
Canadian authentic lesbian porn from auteur Bren Ryder. "You'll know it when you see it."

Join the five-finger revolution. People of all gender identities engaging in hot fisting play.

Mainstream Girl-Girl Porn

Abby Winters
Amateur Australian women model nude and perform girl-girl together.

Sapphic Erotica
"Pretty girls doing it right." This site is primarily for men but the quality of this girl-girl site is very high.