Statement of Ethics

I believe that human sexuality is amazing in its diversity. I believe that erotica and pornography are legitimate forms of expression, and an element of this diversity.

I oppose censorship and believe in freedom of speech. However, we want to maintain our own standards within the adult industry. Thus:

I will only create and promote erotica and pornography that:

1. Is not degrading to women or men. This means according both sexes respect as human beings and as sexual beings.
2. Promotes a positive view of sex and sexuality.
3. Is consensual – in creation and in depiction.

I will not create or promote sites that depict rape, non-consensual violence, bestiality or underage sex. I will not create or promote sites that degrade women or men, or sites that rely on fraudulent methods to gain consent.

I believe everyone is responsible for their own sexuality and their own orgasms.

I oppose child pornography and work to eradicate it.

I believe that sexually explicit material may be inappropriate for children. I also believe it is up to parents to prevent their children from gaining access to such material. I believe that education is a far better tool than censorship. I work with ICRA to assist parents in filtering internet content.

Why have a statement of ethics?

 Recently there has been a growth of so-called "reality" sites. These sites often depict women being tricked into sex, and then they are laughed at and derided. I believe these sites encourage hatred of women. They also cross the line when it comes to consensual sex; while all the women on the site may be models, the content nonetheless depicts non-consensual sex. I believe these sites contravene obscenity laws because they are basically rape sites. They also encourage conservatives to view all sexually explicit material as depraved and hateful towards women, and this leads to censorship.

I hate censorship. I believe in free speech, and I refuse to call for these sites to be banned.

Instead, I'm taking a stand for what I believe in. Sexually explicit material can be ethical too. It can celebrate sexuality, and improve relationships. It can help women to explore their own body, an avenue still frowned upon in many societies.

I believe erotica for women is a force for good, because so much of it is sex positive. If women's erotica can be explicit while being ethical, respectful and educational, why can't mainstream porn do the same?

- Ms Naughty, February 2003


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